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We’ll be your partner every step of the way, building the home of your dreams.
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New Build



Excellent reputation for building renovations and house extensions in the Auckland
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We’ll cause as little disruption to your operations as possible during the building work.
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Why Choose Us

Comprehensive Quote

We will present you with an affordable and very detailed quote according to the scope of work you've provided. After the initial assessment, our team leader will examine the accuracy and evaluate the pricing accordingly.

Quality Assurance

We choose our tradesmen very carefully. You can be sure we have trained and qualified tradesmen. Plus, every work done is audited by our quality assurance team to make sure it meets our standard.

Project Programming

Our project manager ensures all the work is done properly and on time by planning out a schedule, giving everyone their own clock binding with a contractual obligation that will certain the project gets delivered as scheduled.

We’re on call 24/7 to react promptly to your building emergencies.

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Residential & Commercial Builders in Auckland


At Everlong Construction, we are skilled residential builders with experience throughout Auckland. We also work on commercial construction projects.

Whether you are planning a new build, a renovation, or a house extension for your Auckland home, we can help.

We have skilled and qualified carpenters on our team plus we have extensive experience. That experience includes renovation, restoration, and new build projects as well as complex building projects such as childcare centres and terrace houses.

We are licensed and, for your peace of mind, we are also fully insured. We are also certified builders with accreditation from the NZ Certified Builder Association.

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We have just upgraded our kitchen and it looks amazing and it's all thanks to Ian. Ian was an absolute professional from start.
Best services from A to Z recommend to all!

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Certified New Home Builders Auckland WIDE

Are you searching for residential builders in Auckland for a new build, renovation or home extension? The certified builders at Everlong Construction can help. As Auckland’s premier new home builders for over 15 years, we specialise in home renovations, home extensions and new builds.

If it’s the first time you are building a home, you may be excited yet anxious at the same time. However, the certified builders NZ at Everlong Construction will work with you every step of the way and explain each step of the process in detail to make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

All our builders are in-house and not subcontracted, which means that you don’t have to worry about handling different tradesmen. All of our Auckland builders are highly experienced and extremely skilled.

We take care of everything for you including liaising with suppliers and contractors and ensuring all approvals are in place. What’s more, your project manager will keep you in the loop and provide regular updates throughout the project. With our easy-to-understand payment milestones, you’ll know how much you will have to pay and when.

Whether you need help with sourcing  a piece land or already have land and plans on the ready, our certified builders in Auckland will build a spectacular home that’s tailored to your requirements.

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Residential and Commercial Builders Auckland – Our Process

Whether you are interested in new builds or house extensions in Auckland, we assure you of an unmatched experience from start to finish.

Here’s a brief outline of the different stages of your construction project. Although every project is unique and presents its own set of challenges, we strive to follow this five-step process to ensure the timely completion of your project.

Step 1 – Initial Consultation 

We begin with an in-home consultation to discuss your project and understand your requirements in detail. We will ask lots of questions and listen to your ideas carefully, and look at any drawings or plans you might already have. If you don’t have any plans, fret not, for we will arrange this for you by recommending some of the best architects in Auckland that we work with closely.

We want to build a home that’s unique to your family, your lifestyle and your taste. So we will talk about things that are important to you and your family and what you want to achieve! This is a great opportunity to explain your vision and any specific features you may want to include in your construction project.

Our builders in Auckland Central will explain what consent will be needed to begin your project and explain in detail how we work at Everlong Construction. We will also seek to understand your budget and even provide details about our financing programme.

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Step 2 – Initial Design Concept Plan

The next step is to take your ideas and transform them into concept drawings. This may not be necessary if you already have a concept plan or construction consent.

If you do need a plan, then we will have a good idea about your vision and requirements after the initial consultation. At this stage, we will sign an Initial Design and Drawings Contract where we will outline the timeline and estimate costs.

Once the initial documents are signed off, we are happy to refer an architect or draftsperson to for your project. Our builders in Auckland will work with you and the architect to discuss your ideas and vision. Once the chosen architect is engaged and designs the initial concept plan, you will have a better understanding of how your dream home, extension or renovation will look like.

Whether it’s an architect recommended by our certified builders NZ or an architect of your choice, we will work with you and the architect throughout the design phase so all three parties have a mutual understanding of the project.

The initial concept plan created by the architect will include a site plan and elevations as well as proposed and current floor plans. The plans may be revised a couple of times before we arrive at the final layout.

Step 3 – Cost Estimate

Your new home is a significant investment. Naturally, you want to know how much it will cost to bring your design to life.

Once you like the concept drawings, our new home builders in Auckland will work out a cost estimate for the project and present it to you. You will have a clear picture of the costs and how much you will have to set aside for the project and whether it meets your budget. If the cost estimate does not work for your budget, we can look for ways to adjust the design to suit your budget.

At this stage, we’ll also talk about other resources or building consent requirements and any other procedural stuff and paperwork that needs to be taken care of.

Step 4 – Detailed Drawings and Consent

Once you have approved the final plan, the architect will work on creating detail drawings.

Our builders in Auckland Central will also communicate with the council and get in touch with engineers and surveyors if necessary to have your project approved at the earliest.

Once you sign off the detailed drawings, the architect will submit the plans, specifications and construction drawings with your local council.

Step 5 – Fixed Price Quote 

Now that your plans have been sent to the local council for consent, it’s time to work out a fixed price quote and sign your building contract. The quote establishes your actual investment.

Our certified builders NZ will provide details about all the inclusions for the price, so you know what you’re getting. If there are some variable features that we haven’t been able to quote for (if you have not chosen your kitchen or shower or the tiles you want, for instance), we will clearly specify those.

As your new build, extension or renovation project progresses and if there are any unplanned or unexpected changes that may affect your budget, or you request a change, we will promptly notify of the change in pricing and timelines so you can make an informed decision appropriately.

Step 6 – Signing the Contract 

Once we have agreed on the fixed price/lump sum quote, it’s time to go through the paperwork to make sure everything is covered. It’s a standard contract based on industry norms, so you won’t come across any surprises.

The contract is easy to understand without any jargon. However, should you need any explanation or clarification, our home extensions team in Auckland would be happy to assist.

Next, we’ll agree on the likely start date and prepare for the construction process.

Step 7 – Construction Begins

Once the Building Consent documents arrive from the local council, we will begin to construct your dream home, extension or renovation based on the agreed start date.

Communication is an important part of the construction process. We will assign a project manager who will manage the entire project and liaise with contractors, council, vendors and tradesmen.

Step 8 – Project Completion

The building is ready, you’ve made the payment, the house has been thoroughly cleaned and the keys have been handed over to you. Now it’s time to move into your new home or take over your renovation or extension.

Builders in Auckland – Why Choose Us?

High Quality Build and Finish

As Auckland’s leading builders, we put in our all in each project that we work on so no matter the project we take up, we assure you of high quality finish. We follow a stringent quality assurance checklist to make sure we miss nothing when completing a project.

Licensed Builders in Auckland Central

We are a member of the New Zealand Certified Builder Association (NZCB), and our onsite builders are fully trade qualified. Whether we are renovating, extending or building a new home, you can be sure we are meeting NZ standards and guidelines. Our builders are skilled practitioners with years of experience.

15+ Years of Experience in Construction

When you choose Everlong Construction, you are in safe hands. You can be sure that you are working with Auckland builders with years of experience and who know how to bring your construction project to life.

Exceptional Customer Experience

When you choose Everlong Construction as your residential builders in Auckland, you can expect a personalised service. Our team will work with you every step of the way from the initial consultation through to handing over the keys to your home.

Timely Delivery 

We rely on scheduling systems and project management tools to make sure that your project is carried out within the agreed timelines and budget. Each stage of the construction project will require a sign-off before we proceed to the next, so you won’t have to deal with any shocks or last-minute surprises.

Prompt Communication 

When you work with our new home builders in Auckland, there’s no scope for delays, uncertainty or stress. We will provide regular reports to keep you in the loop every step of the way so you know what’s happening and how your project is progressing. Whether you have a question, need some support or want to discuss something, we are always by your side.

Customised Design 

We are here to breathe life into your vision. We will work with your architect to build a customised home that’s not only aesthetically appealing but tailored to your requirements.

Clear, Transparent Pricing

With Everlong Construction, you can expect completely transparent pricing. No surprise charges, no hidden costs. We give you a fixed price quote that covers all the inclusions that are outlined in detail. The price quote comes with a document outlining the specifications of the project so you know what you are getting.

New Build Specialists 

Although we also provide renovations and house extensions in Auckland, new builds are our specialty. When you work with Everlong Construction, you work directly with our certified builders in Auckland NZ – no salesmen or middlemen!

Site Safety 

Here at Everlong Construction, safety is our priority. We take every measure to eliminate hazards on-site to keep our staff and clients safe. We care for our construction workers and our clients by implementing all safety measures and complying with all the guidelines provided by WorkSafe, New Zealand’s Health and Safety regulator.

Build Your Home Your Way 

We offer complete flexibility when it comes to your construction project. You choose the option that best suits you and our builders in Auckland will take care of the rest.

Knock Down and Rebuild – If you love your current neighbourhood, knockdown and rebuild is a great option. We make the process easy for you as we take care of everything from council consent, demolition, design and construction to bring your dream home to life.

Build from Your Plan – Whether you already have a complete plan or completed the sketch stage, we can offer a fixed-price contract to build your new home. We can even assess your floor plans and design to help you maximise the space and save costs where possible.

Design & Build – Looking for a design and build option? We can work with you and your chosen architect to build a customised home that suits your requirements, lifestyle, taste and budget.

Customise One of Our Plans – We have an exclusive range of proven plans that we can tailor to your requirements. Simply explore our plans, let us know what you need and don’t need and we will take it from there.

Build Your Dream Home with Our Builders in Auckland

Ready to discuss your new build project? Fill in our enquiry form and we will schedule an in-home consultation with one of our specialists. We will visit you at your current home at a time that suits you to discuss your new build, renovation or extension project. No matter what your requirement, we assure you of high quality finish, superior quality materials and unmatched workmanship.

We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to get started.

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