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How Builders In Auckland Central Can Help You Stay Ahead Of The Trend

How Builders In Auckland Central Can Help You Stay Ahead Of The Trend

The year 2022 is the year of home and opportunity as we are slowly going back to normal after the global pandemic. While life is stabilising, this year’s building and design trends are changing to fit people’s needs. Your trusted builders in Auckland Central are here to help you stay ahead!

An Increased Interest In A Welcoming And Comforting Home Design

Since more people have been working remotely from home in the corporate world, homeowners have increased interest in comfortable, inviting homes with dedicated workspaces. But let’s face it, not all houses were designed that way. As a result, this year forecasts more interior renovations and extensions to accommodate working needs.

In the interior design realm, people now opt for natural colours, live plants and sustainable living techniques. When you work from home, you want to be comfortable and at peace, so there has been a move away from minimalistic designs.

Use Natural Materials To Warm Up The Atmosphere In Your Home 

As stated above, there has been a rise in interest in wild colour schemes and neutral tones; it is clear that nature provides people with the comfort that they need. One of the most requested materials from builders is bagged schist cladding because it allows for an organic-looking texture.

Outdoor Spaces Are Now Moving Indoors

Outdoor spaces have gone through quite a significant change this year. Many people have recently requested to either build their outdoor space on the inside of the home or to have it partially covered. Instead of having an outdoor area with many plants, people have reverted to large skylights and sunrooms. This allows you to have a space to relax that feels like it’s in nature and where you can relax all year long, no matter the weather. Builders expect that there will be a rise in requests for conservatories because of how it envelopes light, especially when you make use of large windows.

Are you keen to stay ahead of the home trends? If you are looking to upgrade your home or build a new one, Everlong Construction is your go-to contract team. As one of the top-rated builders in Auckland Central, you can count on us to get the job done. Contact us today to discuss your project!


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