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At Everlong Construction, we get excited about every renovation project we work on. We love transforming the properties of our clients, changing them into homes to live and raise a family in. We have an excellent reputation for building renovations and house extensions in the Auckland area. We can help you with all stages of the process, from planning through to adding the finishing touches after the main building work is complete.

As leading renovation builders in Auckland, we have extensive experience in all types of renovation work. This includes:

Minor restorations such as single bathroom renovations or kitchen renovations
Complete house renovation projects
Villa restoration projects to modernise old and beautiful homes
Renovation projects that include changing the layout of the property
Building house extensions
We have experienced carpenters on our team in addition to a carefully selected list of subcontractors that we use to complete your build to the highest possible standards.

All our renovation work comes with a guarantee, our pricing is transparent, and we’ll fully manage your project. There are no surprises.

Certified Experts in House, Kitchen, Bathroom, & Basement Renovations in Auckland

When you are planning home renovations in Auckland, you need a builder you can trust. Here are some of the reasons you should choose us.

  • We are fully certified with the NZCBA
  • As we’re fully certified, our work comes with a 10-year Halo guarantee
  • We also start all our projects with an Original Certified Builder’s Contract from the NZCBA
  • Our quotes are comprehensive and easy to understand with no hidden costs as we believe in fair and honest pricing
  • We have skilled tradespeople on our team, including the best carpenters in the business, in addition to a carefully selected pool of subcontractors that we use on renovation projects
  • We have a robust quality assurance procedure to audit the building work as we go, ensuring standards are consistently maintained throughout the construction schedule
  • We’ll assign a project manager to your build who will use the latest software to schedule and manage the work, ensuring it stays within the agreed timescales
  • As worksite safety is important to us, we are SiteSafe members and we use the respected Hazardco system to manage health and safety on the construction projects we work on
  • Our team always works to industry best practice standards and we take pride in the standards of workmanship we deliver.

Whether your project involves house, kitchen, bathroom, or basement renovations in your Auckland home, contact us to get advice and to arrange a consultation meeting.

Are You Looking for Villa or Old Home Restoration Services in Auckland?

We do everything we can at Everlong Construction to make renovation building work as straightforward and hassle-free as possible for you and your family. Our services are flexible and adaptable, plus our communication is excellent. We also know the importance of staying on schedule, the importance of reliability, and the importance of having good problem-solving skills.

We know you want a builder with experience of home renovations in Auckland, and we know you want peace of mind that you won’t be abandoned once the initial work is complete. At Everlong Construction, we have the experience you are looking for, plus you’ll get a 10-year Halo guarantee.

Home Renovations in Auckland

Is your bathroom too small for your family? Perhaps the kitchen isn’t as functional as you’d like it to be? Or you need an additional bedroom? Home renovation offers the perfect solution and Everlong Construction can help!

Many people in Auckland are considering home renovations over moving houses. This is not only a practical option but a wonderful way to make the most of your existing home. You get to retain the aspects and features that you love about your home whilst adding fantastic new elements to turn it into the home of your dreams.

Whether you want to accommodate the needs of your growing family or make the most of the available space, a house extension project is a fantastic option. You can add a bedroom, garage or even an additional floor. No matter what your vision, our house renovations specialists can make it happen. We will make the home renovations project easy, seamless and effortless turning it into an enjoyable, fun experience.

As a specialist house renovations company in Auckland, we have you covered no matter the size or scope of your project. No matter how small or big the renovation project, we will complete it on time and within your budget.

Villa Renovation Auckland

Does your bungalow or villa in Auckland need some attention? The absence of any building codes for heritage buildings and their distinct architecture make the job of villa renovations in Auckland a bit tricky.

At Everlong Construction, we specialise in heritage old home renovation and we can take on the challenge to deliver stunning results. So whether you want to restore a villa/bungalow, renovate a villa/bungalow, we’ve got you covered.

Many villa owners prefer to retain the original villa while fusing modern design elements and extensions. The result is an exciting space that’s liveable and functional.

Villa restoration does not mean that you make compromises. During the initial consultation, let us know what’s needed and what’s to be avoided and we will ensure an enjoyable renovation experience from start to finish.

Our renovation builders are committed to completing each project to the highest standards of quality and workmanship. So when you work with our home renovations specialists, you are assured of stellar results.

Kitchen Renovations Auckland

Tired of your dated, cramped or inefficient kitchen? Make your life so much easier with our kitchen renovations services in Auckland. A modern kitchen will make your job easier whether you are preparing a meal, throwing a party or planning for a lazy weekend.

Whether it’s a villa, vintage bungalow or a studio apartment or any other type of house, Everlong Construction can design and build the kitchen of your dreams. Our kitchen renovations specialists will help you choose the best layout, source high-quality cabinetry, appliances and fit-out.

We understand that the kitchen is a crucial part of a home. We will renovate your kitchen efficiently and quickly whilst minimising disruption.

Bathroom Renovations Auckland

Whether you want to build a vintage bathroom or redesign your small bathroom, Everlong Construction can breathe life into your bathroom renovation Auckland project.

Most bathrooms are small, but a clever design can help you to make the most of the available space. That’s the biggest advantage of working with our house renovations specialists in Auckland.

Our team will create a bathroom that is stylish yet functional. We will work with you every step of the way to build a bathroom that’s tailored to your requirements. Be it the position of the basin, the height of the shower or the way a door opens, every little detail will be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

Basement Renovations in Auckland

Want to add more living space to accommodate the needs of your growing family? Many homes in Auckland are perched on hillsides, and typically have a lot of space underneath. Most of these basements are spider farms, wind tunnels or spaces for storing junk.

But you can put this wasted space to better use by renovating it. A basement renovation project for your Auckland home presents limitless opportunities. Whether you want to add a man cave, bedroom, living room or a media room, our basement renovations team can help.

When it comes to basement renovations , you must pay attention to a variety of aspects including plumbing, moisture, access, electrical and lighting. Our home renovation specialists will consider all these aspects to design and build a liveable, practical living space in your basement.

Please contact us today about the villa or old home renovation project that you are planning in Auckland. Call 027 285 6666.

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Best services!!!

We have just upgraded our kitchen and it looks amazing and it's all thanks to Ian. Ian was an absolute professional from start.

Bathroom Renovation
Best services!!!

We have just upgraded our kitchen and it looks amazing and it's all thanks to Ian. Ian was an absolute professional from start.

Bathroom Renovation
Best services!!!

We have just upgraded our kitchen and it looks amazing and it's all thanks to Ian. Ian was an absolute professional from start.

Bathroom Renovation
Best services!!!

We have just upgraded our kitchen and it looks amazing and it's all thanks to Ian. Ian was an absolute professional from start.

Bathroom Renovation
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