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What Makes A Villa Restoration Different From A Remodel Or Renovation?

What Makes A Villa Restoration Different From A Remodel Or Renovation?

When it comes to construction, terminology is very important. You may want builders to come in and do some work on your villa in Auckland, but you are unsure whether you want a renovation or restoration. In order to properly decide, it is essential that you understand these two terms in detail, as while they are similar in some ways, they have stark differences in others.

In this article, we’ll explore the differences so that you can decide whether you are looking for villa renovations or villa restorations in Auckland.

Renovation: Bringing In Something New

Renovations are usually synonymous with upgrades. With renovations, you may often be replacing certain items in your home with entirely new items. For example, you may replace wooden window frames with aluminium ones, or you may want to replace the countertops in the kitchen. Renovating is a great way to modernise your home or change its style completely to suit your particular tastes.

Restoration: Paying Respect To The Old

Restoration is all about bringing your home back to its former glory. Many villas were built decades ago and are a part of our history. In fact, if your home is listed as a heritage home, then you may not be able to restore it or make major changes. The only option may be to restore it. Restoring your home means that the new home builders will use the materials that were originally used in the construction of your home. For example, old copper pipes will be replaced with new copper pipes, and any modern finishes will be replaced with original ones.

That is not to say that your home cannot be made practical for modern capabilities. New plug points can be installed if needed, and safety features, such as an alarm, can be fitted. Don’t worry, you won’t be made to live in the dark ages!

A restoration really respects the original features of your home and gives you the opportunity to live in an original and interesting home.

Are you looking for a team that can handle all your villa restorations needs in Auckland? The team at Everlong Construction Ltd will ensure that your villa restoration stays true to your original villa design. We’d love to be a part of your project! Get in touch with us today to discuss our services in further detail.


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