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Why You Should Work With Certified Builders In NZ

Why You Should Work With Certified Builders In NZ

Whether you’re building a new home, breaking ground on commercial space, or looking to do a home renovation, you have the important task of choosing the right builders. With so many options of building companies to choose from, the choice can seem overwhelming.

At Everlong Construction, we’ve seen and worked on all kinds of projects with many different clients, so we know how to spot a good contractor. In our experience, one of the top things to look for when looking for a builder is their certifications. Here’s why you should choose to work with certified builders in NZ.

Quality Workmanship

To become a member of a building association, contractors typically need to pass a range of assessments and prove their workmanship before being allowed to join. A builder taking the time and care to join such an association is a sign of commitment, strong work ethic and quality workmanship.


Certified builders will have a range of experience on different kinds of projects. They would be well versed in the full construction process, from assessing the land to putting together quotes to finding the right subcontractors for the job. Working with a company with more experience generally means your project will go as smoothly as possible.


Being a member of certain building associations often gives builders the chance to offer their customers exclusive guarantees on any work they perform. The New Zealand Council of Builders, for instance, offers its members exclusive access to the Halo 10-Year Residential Guarantee. This protects any work they do (and by extension, their customers) for ten years after it’s been completed.


Licenced and certified builders usually have all the right insurances to keep you, your property and their team protected. This can include public liability insurance, employer liability and more. A builder with insurance gives you peace of mind that they are responsible and think of how to handle any situation.

At Everlong Construction, we are committed to quality, and we have the qualifications, certifications and memberships to prove it. To name just one of these, we are proud members of the New Zealand Council of Builders, allowing our customers to benefit from the Halo 10 Years Guarantee offered exclusively by the NZCB. Contact us today to get your project started!

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